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Hootsuite Academy Licenses for NPower Canada Alumni

NPower Canada is excited to partner with Hootsuite, a global leader in social media management, to provide Hootsuite Academy Licenses to NPower Canada Graduates. These courses can cost up to $999 USD, however, all tuition costs will be covered by the partnership with Hootsuite. NPower Canada alumni will have the opportunity to learn about social media strategy and earn certifications that will give them an edge in the digital domain.

Hootsuite Academy Certification Courses

Certification courses range from 2 to 6.5 hours (approximately 12 hours to complete all three). NPower Canada alumni can access any of the following Hootsuite Academy Certifications at no cost:

Hootsuite Platform Certification (valued at $99 USD)

  • Chapter 1: The fundamentals of Using Hootsuite
  • Chapter 2: Advanced Uses of Hootsuite
  • Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam 

Social Marketing Certification (valued at $199 USD)

  • Chapter 1:  Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Chapter 2: Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles
  • Chapter 3: Social Media Strategy – from A to Z
  • Chapter 4: Growing Your Advocate Community
  • Chapter 5: Content Marketing Fundamentals
  • Chapter 6: Social Advertising Fundamentals
  • Social Marketing Certification Exam 

Advanced Social Advertising Certification (valued at $249 USD)

  • Lesson 1: The Social Advertising Landscape
  • Lesson 2: Setting the Stage for a Successful Social Media Ad Campaign 
  • Lesson 3: Advanced Best Practices for Targeting Social Advertisements
  • Lesson 4: Creating and Iterating on Social Ads
  • Lesson 5: Bidding and Buying Social Ads
  • Lesson 6: Tracking the Impact and ROI of your Social Ads
  • Lesson 7: How Hootsuite Helps with Social Advertising
  • Hootsuite Advanced Social Advertising Certification Exam 

How to Access a Hootsuite Academy License:

  • Only NPower Canada graduates are eligible for free access to Hootsuite Academy Licenses
  • To indicate your interest, please complete the form below. An NPower Canada team member will reach out to you with further instructions to access the course.